Get Indexed in Bing Search Engine Result Page (SERP)

Templates Magazine - I thing all of you already know the newest search engine from Microsoft named As far as I know, Bing is a collaboration project between Microsoft and Yahoo, and dedicated to be the most powerful rival for Google Search Engine. Just let the wind blows and the time prove it. 

Bing Search Engine, SERP, Search Engine Result Page

For all of us, as a blogger, the most important is how to get indexed in all major Search Engine and drive traffic to our website / weblog and wishing we are lucky get a first place in every Search Engine Result Page (SERP) for all of our keywords. But first of all for this moment I think get indexed in Bing Search Engine is quite enough. After that I believe more potential traffic will comes.
To get indexed in Bing, at the first time you need to submit your Web URL.  

How to Submit your URL to Bing? 

 This is as easy as following these steps:

Bing SERP, Search Engine Result Page, SERP
  1. Go to this address page:
  2. Add the verification code.
  3. Add your URL (example:
  4. Click Submit URL.
Your URL will be indexed in Bing soon. Happy now?

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