Professional Web Design : Techniques and Templates (CSS & XHTML)

Templates Book - Professional Web Design Techniques and Templates, as the book title, this book is telling about the design of web pages. This web design book focused on producing designs that reflect many of the modern trends in web design thought. For example : there was a time a few years ago when almost all of the major companies web sites used Macromedia Flash to animate their home pages. For instance, the authors report that such animation has not proven suitable for the majority of web sites. Like Microsoft's paper clip help animation that used to appear at the bottom of Microsoft Office application a lot of people really don't like moving things.

professional web design techniques and templates

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These authors really like mortised sites. This design philosophy uses tables within tables within tables to provide the view the authors are trying to create. The designs they give in their fifty included templates are of the mortised type. The trouble with mortised sites is that you have to receive all of the information for the site before the browser can begin drawing the tables on the screen. With today fast processors, this is not usually a problem. But they can get dreadfully slow if you are accessing them over a slow line, especially if they include a lot of graphical images.

The back of this web design book says this is for Beginner to Intermediate. This does not mean the Front Page level beginner. You'd best have some idea about HTML before you start this one. I'd say it's an intermediate level book, which is reflected in the wording on the back page. More Review on Amazon

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